BACF's Impact is Far Reaching E-mail

Since its launch in November 2008, the Bridgetown Area Community Fund has supported a wide range of community projects. The feedback below illustrates the far reaching impact the Fund is having on the Bridgetown area community. 

“The Bridgetown Centennial Pool was reaching a critical juncture in early 2012. A fundraising campaign was launched, but this was another one of many going on in Town at the time. The kind donation, out of the blue, from the BACF to the pool on July 1st, added a particular emphasis to our plight. We were touched by the unsolicited support you gave us and I really think it spotlighted the campaign in the public’s eye." Andy Kerr, Chair, Bridgetown Centennial Pool Committee

“On behalf of the residents and staff of Mountain Lea Lodge, the Annapolis County Adult Residential Centre, and the Supervised Apartments, we would like to thank you for the generosity demonstrated by last year’s Bridgetown and Area Community Fund and the Grant made toward travel usage for the residents who call our facilities home”. Neil Cook, Administrator, Annapolis County Municipal Housing Corporation

“The Canadian Mental Health Association Annapolis County Branch was awarded a $500 Transportation Grant which was used to enable our clients to attend our support groups. We have a membership which comes from all areas of the County, so the grant support was very welcome.” Orris Orlando, Chair, Annapolis County Branch, CMHA

“The Clarence Community Club would like to thank the Bridgetown Area Community Fund for their grant donation. It came at a most opportune time. The grant money helped to offset the hall's fuel and electricity bills thus enabling the local 4H club to be able to continue to use the building. It's because of such a fund as yours that we are still operating.” Shirley Fralic, Board Member of the Clarence Community Hall

“On behalf of Jack and Jill Nursery School and the Board members we would like to send a heartfelt thank you. With the support in grants that you have given our small preschool we were able to use it towards our community green area that we have now named ‘A Little Piece of Paradise’". Cindy Caldwell, Director and Early Childhood Educator for Jack and Jill Nursery School

“On behalf of the Band Parents Association, I would like to express our appreciation for the generous grant towards the travel costs on the Senior Band trip. The Bridgetown and Area Community Fund’s contribution goes a long way to helping that out.” Andy Kerr, Chairman, BRHS Band Parents Association, 2008

“In November 2008 Trans County Transportation Society (TCTS) was selected to receive a transportation grant from the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia in the amount of $500.00. The funds received were utilized to subsidize the cost of transportation to medical appointments for seniors, disabled and those who are financially unable to attend medical appointments.” Debbie Decker, General Manager, Trans County Transportation Society

“The Annapolis County Ground Search and Rescue Team appreciated the $500.00 donated by the Bridgetown Area Community Fund. This money was used to help fund the initial start-up cost of the Project Lifesaver Program which is used to track and find vulnerable, non-verbal individuals such as those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Autism.” Allen Hannam, Annapolis County Ground Search and Rescue

To learn more about the Bridgetown Area Community Fund, please contact any of its Directors – Marilyn Kaulbach 665-2787, Janice Lawrence 665-2796, David Mack 665-2957, Gordon Hay 665-2734 or visit

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