Saskatoon Community Foundation Receives $2.9 Million Donation E-mail
Saskatoon, Thursday, January 28, 2010: The Saskatoon Community Foundation (Foundation) has been surprised and amazed by the generosity displayed by a new $2.9 million donation to the endowment fund. The donation has been made by Vernon (Vern) O. Welker and Clara Madeline (Clara) Welker (formerly Wilson). The Foundation was notified about the bequest after Clara's death in 2009. Vern and Clara were both modest individuals, who owned and operated Vern Welker Men's Wear on 2nd Avenue from 1948 to 1970.

Their bequest creates the Vern and Clara Welker Fund at the Saskatoon Community Foundation. Annual disbursements from the fund will be shared equally to benefit five local charities: Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House, Saskatoon Community Clinic Foundation, Saint Paul's Hospital, and the YWCA. Annual disbursements will depend on the amount allocated, but the fund should provide approximately $20,000 every year beginning 2011.

"Saskatoon has a history of people connected to community," explains Trevor Forrest, Executive Director of the Foundation. "The generosity of this gift and the manner in which it was left reveals the underlying humanitarian thread that stitches the social fabric of this community together. We are honoured that the Welkers recognized our organization's role in building a strong community."

Born and raised in the Saskatoon area, Vern and Clara were active members of their community, volunteering their time to such groups as the Lions Club, the Kinsmen Club, and the Chatelaine Club of the YWCA. The Welkers' lives reflect quiet strength and compassionate character, and their ultimate gift to the community is also their greatest testament to their love of the community we all call home. The leadership embodied in this gift will forever improve the quality of life for the people of Saskatoon.

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